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Inspirational: Pop Up Postcard

Creative Souls Academy Inspirational Pop Up Card

Inspiring Pop Up Postcard

At a recent tour of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I was inspired by viewing their postcard exhibit on display. One of the postcards on display was a pop up postcard of a beer mug, a color lithograph by Fabrik Marke, published in Berlin. When the tab was pulled, a lady popped up through the top of the beer mug. Pop up cards are not a new idea, but a simple fun way to be creative.

What is a Pop Up Postcard?
Mrs. Shawn Duckworth explains that a pop up post card “contains one or more pages such that a 3D structure rises up when a page is opened. Pop-up is often applied to any 3D or movable book or card, although this moveable art may include flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs, pull-downs, and more.”

A good visual explanation of the mechanics of pop up cards can be seen here. Provided by technology

V Fold Mechanics Demo

Internal Stand Mechanism Demo

Make Your Own Pop Up Card
Want to learn to make your own pop up postcard? Katherine Belsy, of, has downloadable instructions for making your own. Download these instructions for making your own pop up postcard.

Learn to Make a Pop Up Birthday Cake Card
Kate, of Cards on the Fly How To’s, demonstrates how to make this creative birthday card.

Leona, of Artist Resources, demonstrates how to make another version of a birthday cake pop up card, which I think would make a great Christmas tree pop up card, too.

Got Ideas?
Do Share. If you have a simple pop up card or postcard idea that you’d like to share, please email us:


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