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Inspirational: Repurposed Tuna Can

Creative Souls Academy Tuna Can

Inspiring Repurposed Tuna Can Ideas

“Trash it!” you say? No … let’s celebrate creative souls that see trash as art when they repurpose it into beautiful and creative things. Trashing things seems sad when, with a little thought, it can become something beautiful.  May you find these tuna can ideas inspirational.

Creative Souls Academy Tuna Can Easter2

Easter Basket

Shown on the website Don’t Eat The Paste, they came up with a clever idea to transform a tuna can into an Easter Basket. They used a drill or nails, paper or fabric, glue, a bit of glitter, 12 inch piece of wire (aluminum 17 gauge wire), wire cutters and pliers. Recycling these tuna cans into sturdy Easter Baskets is a clever idea. Do you have a collection of old flimsy Easter Baskets that you cannot use for anything else? Save those tuna cans!


Creative Souls Academy Tuna Can SconceWall Sconces

This Hungarian website, Crescent and Old Lace, showed how they used materials such as patterned paper, scissors, glue, cords and candles transformed these tuna cans into Wall Sconces. What a fun way to use those extra tea lights and excess paper scraps that we all have. Seen here is a top view of the paper-wrapped cans with the strings through them. You could even use matching paper or or birthday themed paper, but these varied red papers coordinate nicely.

Creative Souls Academy Tuna Can ClockWall Clock

Wall decorations for indoor or outdoor use. This creative person transformed a tuna can into a Wall Clock. During Sophie’s work in Africa, Asia and Latin America she met inspiring people working with waste materials creating new fascinating products. She met Wara Cardozo, a woman of 30 years old from Bolivia who was concerned about the environment and the abundance of waste.  Wara aims to come up with creative solutions to work with waste materials such as this lovely orange clockworks from used tuna fish cans.

Got Ideas?
Do Share. If you have a simple repurposed art idea that you’d like to share, please email us:


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