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Inspirational: Drawing Line Art

Creative Souls Academy Simple Line Art 3Inspiring Line Art

Drawing can be as simple as starting with a basic shape and adding some lines to add definition. Line drawing anyone can learn. This line drawing was done by Abby of DeviantArt.

What is Line Art?
Science Daily explains that “our brains can recreate whole detailed scenes from just a few lines.” According to the Oxford Dictionaries, “Line Drawing” , a noun, is a drawing done using only narrow lines, the variation of which, in width and density, produce such effects as tone and shading. If you want to be inspired, do a search for images with “sharpie art”.  You’ll see line drawing to the extreme.

Make Your Own Line Art Drawings
There are some good online resources to find simple shapes that you can learn to draw. You can go to to learn to draw many simple shapes. Practice your line art with something simple and build upon it. Start with any one of these shapes:
Creative Souls Academy Simple Line Art
Some simple “dot” alphabet animal art can be started here, at Start by sketching in light pencil what you see here. Use a marker or paint to create “dobs” or “circles” or “dots” to go over the lines. Let it dry, then erase the light pencil marks. Then, you would have created your “dot art“.
Creative Souls Academy Simple Line Art 2
Want to Have a Drawing Lesson?
Watch Lois DeWitt teach you a drawing lesson.

Watch Joel Hickerson Demonstrate How To Draw Line Art

How to Make Line Art Drawings — powered by ehow

Got Ideas?
Do Share. If you have a simple repurposed art idea that you’d like to share, please email us:


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